Just writing that one email … quickly typing that report … On a busy working day we are easily working for hours on end. Regularly standing up and working while standing up quickly becomes an issue. At such a time, a personal coach would be a solution. That personal coach is IntelliDesk Personal. IntelliDesk Personal notifies you on the desktop that it is time to stand or sit. You choose the interval yourself. In addition, the system keeps track of how much you sit and stand per day / week and how often you change positions. This gives you insight into your sit-stand behavior!

Welke problemen lost IntelliDesk Personal op?

IntelliDesk encourages employees to change positions regularly. IntelliDesk does this by means of desktop messages “Time to sit / stand!”. When the employee agrees to change positions, desk is adjusted in seconds with the click of a button. The ideal sitting and standing height are stored in the account with which you are logged in. Adjusting the desk has never been so accessible.

“Sitting is the new sunbathing”. Just like sunbathing, a little sitting is good, but a lot of it is harmful. When employees work seated all day, they are at risk of developing many different conditions (eg diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity). With IntelliDesk Personal, employees get an overview of their sitting and standing time, which creates awareness. When there is insight into behavior, the behavior can be improved.

Any desk can be your desk

With IntelliDesk you can log in at any workplace. When you log in and switch positions, the desk you are working on that day automatically moves to your ideal sitting or standing height. After all, they are stored in your account. The preset interval (after which time frame you want to receive a desktop notification to change position) is also maintained at every workplace where you log in.

Notification for sitting too long

Are you sitting too long? IntelliDesk Personal will notify you when this is the case. Depending on the goals you have set, you will be notified when you are sitting too long. You can then change positions with the click of a button. This notification will also appear if you have been standing for a while.

Overview sit-stand behavior

IntelliDesk Personal provides insight into your sit-stand behavior. You can see the division between sitting and standing per day and per week. Completely clear in a clear graph. The system also shows how often you have changed positions.

Calorie consumption overview

No idea how many calories you consume during your workday? IntelliDesk knows it for you. In your personal profile you enter your personal details (age, height, gender, etc.). Based on these figures, combined with your sit-stand behavior, IntelliDesk calculates how many calories you consume. Naturally, this personal information will be treated confidentially and you are never obliged to enter this information.

Set your own goals

Check, succeeded! It’s always fun to achieve goals. IntelliDesk Personal has a variety of goals you can achieve. In this way, IntelliDesk strives to motivate the user to perform better and better. Achieving goals gives satisfaction. In this way, your sit-stand behavior is increasingly optimized.

Personalize IntelliDesk

IntelliDesk Personal offers each user a personal environment, in which all data and preferences can be indicated. This allows you to set how long you want to sit or stand in one piece and which division you want to use. You can also enter your desired sitting and standing height here.