IntelliDesk Facts is an inventive system that measures occupancy using presence and motion sensors. It is wiser to act on facts rather than assumptions. IntelliDesk Facts provides you with reports on the occupancy rate and answers questions such as: “Which areas and workplaces are most / least used?” And “Are there peak times of the day in terms of crowds?”. On the basis of this information you can determine the use and purchase of furniture.

Which problems does IntelliDesk Facts solve?

Do you need 10 or 30 new office chairs? Or do you have a surplus of office chairs? Are more conference tables needed? Measuring is knowing, guessing is missing. If you have insight into the use of furniture, you can make better choices. This saves you unnecessary costs.

Whether an office is quiet or busy: the costs of light, heating and rent remain the same. It may be that you don’t need the number of rooms or m² that you currently rent or that there are more workplaces than employees. You could thus save costs by no longer renting certain rooms or closing departments. These insights are obtained on the basis of occupancy rate measurements with IntelliDesk Facts.

Reports on the results of the measurements

The measurements of the sensors are converted by IntelliDesk Facts into reports. Because the sensors measure over a longer period of time, statements can be made about how often/ how long workplaces and spaces are used. This way you can see at what times it’s busy, at what times the office is quiet, which workplaces are used a lot or little, etc. You get a complete, clear overview of the occupancy rate.

Measure usage using smart sensors

IntelliDesk works on the basis of presence and motion sensors. Using these sensors, it can simply be measured whether or not a workplace or space is in use (occupied). The sensors store this data. They measure the status of the workplaces and rooms in the building throughout the day.