IntelliDesk Booking is the innovative reservation system of IntelliDesk. The platform offers you the possibility to book a workplace online via the system. You never have to walk through the building again looking for a suitable workplace. Efficiency at its best! Not only can you look for an available workplace: you can also find colleagues and facilities such as printers with IntelliDesk. Looking for a concentration workplace or a meeting room? You can also easily book these with this online platform. Always a workplace that suits the task.

Which problems does IntelliDesk Booking solve

With IntelliDesk, a long search through the building is no longer necessary. With the IntelliDesk Floorplans you will find an available workplace in no time. You can even book these at home in advance.
Is that one colleague you have to collaborate with even at the office today…? Calling and Whatsapping with colleagues asking where they are is no longer necessary. You will find them much easier with IntelliDesk! IntelliDesk shows you exactly where in the building they booked a workplace or room. The location of printers, coffee machines, ATMs, toilets, etc. is also no longer a mystery. That way you save a lot of effort and time!

Trying to work concentrated in a busy office is not pleasant. Meeting up with 10 colleagues in the middle of an open space is neither pleasant. IntelliDesk ensures that you can book a workplace that suits the tasks you have to perform (in advance). This way you can optimally concentrate on a concentration workplace and have efficient meetings in a meeting room.

Book workspaces

Booking a workplace is very easy with IntelliDesk. You select the desired workplace, you select the time you want and there you go: booked! You can also see where your colleagues have booked a workplace.

Clear floorplans

IntelliDesk offers the possibility to schematically map the workspaces in your company. This way, employees can properly orient themselves which workplace they book exactly. That is very practical.

Find colleagues and facilities

Co-creation and collaboration is made easier by no longer having to make calls or app colleagues. You can just look up the name of the colleague and the system shows you not only whether the colleague is present, but also where he or she is located.