Why should you go for IntelliDesk?

IntelliDesk is more than a sit-stand frame. IntelliDesk offers a completely different way of working!

With IntelliDesk you get the most out of sit-stand tables. Users switch between sitting and standing in an instant. The system organizes and analyses the use of the working environment and makes it dynamic and connecting. In doing so, IntelliDesk makes an important contribution to employee satisfaction, vitality, labour productivity and efficient use of space.

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See the occupancy rate in the office, get insights into sedentary behaviour and let employees easily book workplaces. IntelliDesk has 3 modules that offer these and many more possibilities.


IntelliDesk Booking is an innovative booking system that allows employees in your organization to book workplaces and meeting rooms. Available workplaces and colleagues can be found using the online IntelliDesk Floorplan

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Measuring is knowing. IntelliDesk Facts shows you the occupancy rate using smart sensors. This way you know exactly how much each chair, desk and table are used and you know how much furniture you need. These insights are useful if you want to buy new furniture or save costs.

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IntelliDesk Personal is your personal coach in the fight against sedentary behaviour. IntelliDesk Personal provides you with desktop notifications when it’s time to switch positions. In addition, the system keeps track of how much time you have been sitting and standing per day and per week.

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For employees

Insight into your sedentary behaviour

How long have you been sitting per day? How long have you been standing? With IntelliDesk you get an overview of your sedentary behaviour per day and per week. You can also switch between sitting and standing at the touch of a button.

Book workplaces and meeting rooms

You can easily find and book available workspaces and meeting rooms with the IntelliDesk app.

Rooms clearly arranged

With the structured IntelliDesk floorplan you will never have problems finding a workplace or meeting room again. Colleagues can also be found using the online map.

For employers

Support with strategic decisions

Monitor the occupancy of rooms. With IntelliDesk you get real-time insight into which desks and rooms are used more and less. IntelliDesk supports making strategic decisions for the future using tools and reports on usage and occupancy. You make better choices based on facts.

More vital employees

Changing positions regularly ensures that employees become more vital and feel better in their own skin. This has a direct, positive influence on the well-being of employees, their concentration and their productivity!

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