The New Way of

All new technologies make us independent of place and time. This has consequences for how we interact, collaborate and do business. There is a need for a new more flexible working environment. The traditional workplace becomes a meeting place where, depending on our specific activities, we choose a suitable working environment. This means more flexible workplaces with a greater need for technology and ergonomics in the entire working environment, including a space reservation system.



IntelliDesk helps an organization to make activity-related work a measurable success. IntelliDesk provides you with independent and reliable data on which you can make informed decisions to create the optimal activity-related work environment for your organization.

The office of the future

With IntelliDesk you are ready for the future. A different, flexible way of working requires different requirements for the physical environment. IntelliDesk responds to the needs of individual people and brings them together in a creative, stimulating, dynamic working environment to benefit the entire organization.

kantoren van de toekomst

Offices over the years

The vision of a good office space has often changed over the years. Open-floor plans have been introduced and abolished. Below you can see a number of trends over the years.